Fritter and Waste the Hours in an Offhand Way

I am still not feeling well. The pain in my hip and shoulder has diminished. A definite YAY! However, in keeping in line with practicing radical self-care, I didn’t walk. I am allowing my body to rest. The eczema is itching like crazy, and the exhaustion has kicked in. While the eczema isn’t bad, it is a definite sign that my body is very unhappy. I did get myself together long enough to visit Mom and Dad today. Now, I am at home, resting.

I made a big decision. I decided to no longer pay for Noom. I am going to switch over to My Fitness Pal. The first time I lost a significant amount of weight, I used MFP as my tracking program. I think it is more accurate, and I can save recipes to make it easier to log food. I can think about using the paid version in the future, but now I am going to use the free version.

Money is getting a little tight right now. While I am still employed and make good money, I have a mortgage, car payment, student loan, and some credit card bills. I notice that my food bills are increasing. I am not buying more or much different than before, but the costs are rising. And since Hazel refuses to get a job, it is just me paying the bills.

I have made plans to go out to eat for the first time since the COVID outbreak. Mom is going in for cataract surgery on Wednesday. Dad is taking her, but can’t wait in the facility. So, I am going to go with them, and Dad and I are going to lunch while Mom has her surgery. I am really nervous for two reasons.

First, I don’t want to contract the Coronavirus and DIE. Second, I have to figure out how to eat in a non-controlled environment. I don’t know which reason gives me more anxiety. Of course, Mom starts to push it and asks if I want to go to brunch soon. (They are already galavanting around town.) I said to wait and let me see how I do with going out to lunch with Dad.

Finally, I am working on a lower-calorie Zucchini Fritter recipe. It is almost there. Look for it this week. I will keep frittering away this week until I get it right. Bwhahahaha…I crack myself up!

Bonus points if you get the title. But, most importantly, remember to be kind, especially to yourself.

LLC & Hazel

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