A Little Kindness Changes My Perspective

I have been fighting some ick and injury for the last three weeks. It has been pretty challenging and frustrating. What made it more frustrating is that is I can’t seem to break the 280s. It feels like this 10 pounds is taking forever. I have been a little snarly and frumpy.

And yesterday, I ate horridly. (I am working on not indulging in bad foods when I am feeling poorly.) I will also say the universe what keeping me better on track than I was willing to do for myself. I tried to order zucchini fries and a chicken sandwich. The restaurant called and said they didn’t have chicken. So, I canceled the order. I got my prescriptions filled, and the nearby Thrifty’s Ice Cream shop had a sign saying call-in your order, and we will bring out to you. I called. No one answered. I called again–busy signal. Snarl. Forget it. I went home.

I woke up this morning still feeling frustrated and a wee bit snarly. But something happened this morning that really helped my mental outlook. I was walking today, and someone in my complex looked at me and said, “OMG! I didn’t recognize you! You look so different.” I said, “Thank you. I lost 40 pounds.” She said that I look like I lost a lot more.

This little act of recognition and kindness made my morning. Since I rarely see people in person, having anyone see me and remark on the changes makes me happy. It also means the changes I am seeing, others can see as well.

And reality check, I broke 290 on May 27. I am going into my third week in the 280s. I am losing faster than 2 pounds a week. So, seriously, LLC?! Git a freaking grip. Even if I don’t lose anymore weight, 40 pounds is something of which to be proud. Now, I am going into this week feeling positive again.

Remember, of all the things you can be in this world, be kind–especially yourself.
(I am working on the kindness thing.)

LLC & Hazel

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