40 Down and Other Good Stuff!!!

6.12.2020 40 pounds down!

It is FRIDAY! It is Photo day! In 15 weeks on Noom, I am 40 pounds down! OMG! I have lost a 5-year-old child. Now, that is a moment of perspective. I am also 2.5 pounds away from being 25% to my healthy weight.

This week’s news includes a bunch of clinical wins. My A1C is almost down to the pre-diabetic range. I am at 6.5, and pre-diabetes is at 6.4. My triglycerides are down from 210 to 195. Yes, I know they are still very high, normal is 149, but since I was in the 300s, I am thrilled. My liver enzymes have improved! My AST level, which indicates liver damage, is down from 45 down to 33–the normal AST range is under 40! I am better than NORMAL (who’da thunk dat?) The ALT level suggests liver disease. Mine is down from 53 to 49. Normal is 32 so, it is still high but getting much better. The doctor was so concerned they ordered a hepatitis test for this round of testing. It was negative. The best news is that we will be discussing getting off medication in September. For that, I am very excited.

I am starting to NOT look like a beach ball with feet! This is a definite improvement.

The downside is that I have been ill. I have been fighting migraines and GI issues. I am pretty sure they are related. What is really F’d up is the I didn’t lose weight! Seriously, I lost my weight before I got sick. Snarl. I was kinda hoping to see the 2.5 lbs down so I could also announce that I am 25% towards my goal. But that will be for next week (hopefully). I ate dinner last night, and I walked today. I always feel better when I walk.

Today, I have an eye appointment. Since I am changing my look with getting healthy and a haircut, I am going to change my glasses as well. I am excited about this change.

Now, I am going to take my shower, start some laundry, sit down with coffee and Hazel, and relax this morning.

And please remember when you go out into the world, be kind…especially to yourself.

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