Almost Normal…and I Have the Proof!

Today started very poorly. By 10 am, I was stuck in the bathroom. I had to sign out of work and live there for several hours. Then I slept. I was going to cancel my doctor’s appointment, but I was getting my labs back. I am so glad I went.

By their records, I am 41 pounds down from December. My PA was delighted. Then we looked at my labs. While most people who know me will say, there is nothing normal about me…I can honestly say, most of my labs will contract that thought. Although, I do have three trouble spots. But they are very much improved.

My A1C is down to 6.5 from 7.2. I am almost to pre-diabetes range. My liver enzymes and cholesterol levels are down as well. There is a real possibility that in September, I will go off diabetes meds and maybe cholesterol meds. Both of those will help my liver. The more meds I don’t have to take, make me happy. Also, it makes my bank account happier, as well.

I will always have to take thyroid and blood pressure meds. I just know the family medical history. But getting off the diabetes meds and getting this under control makes excites me.

My maternal grandmother had Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson’s. My father also has Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson’s. My father also has a lot of issues due to both. He has severe neuropathy in his feet. He is small and frail compared to who he was for most of my life. I did some reading, and while not necessarily causal, there is a correlation with the two diseases.

I am terrified this might be my future. What makes is more frightening for me is that I am alone. Nor do I see someone in my future who might care for me when I am old.
So, while losing weight is a part of getting healthy, it really is a side effect of caring for myself. And more so than weight, my labs are the primary barometer of my health.

Be kind–especially to yourself.

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