Body Positivity and Weight Loss…not mutually exclusive

It was interesting. Today, I received an email chastising me for talking about body positivity and trying to lose weight. I was a little taken aback, but I decided to talk about it here.

I genuinely believe that EVERYONE deserves to loved, cared for, and respected regardless of their weight. I am working on the radical idea that I am included in everybody. It is tough.

Also, fat can be unhealthy. I am fighting diabetes, high cholesterol, back pain, joint pain, and asthma. All of these issues are affected by and acerbated by my weight.

Since losing 38 pounds, several issues have improved. I can stand for more than 2 minutes. The swelling in my joints has improved. I can walk longer and breathe better. I am going to the doctor tomorrow, and hopefully, my diabetes and cholesterol will be improved.

I still miss hiking. I miss being comfortable in an airplane seat (although that isn’t happening anytime soon). I miss being able to fit comfortably in a restaurant booth.

Why can’t I want better health, to physically be the person I see myself as, and to more easily do the things I want to do? And why can’t I believe I deserve to be loved, cared, and respected as I am?

I am proud of what I am doing. I am proud of what I achieved. And, I am proud of who I am…right now…usually. Okay, I am trying on the last one.

2 thoughts on “Body Positivity and Weight Loss…not mutually exclusive

  1. You do deserve everything good. You are worth improving your life.
    Thanks for this post, so much truth there.


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