This isn’t a siege. This is FUN!

Don’t you roll your eyes at me! I am serious. This is fun, and I am having the time of my life. Most people view weight loss like a siege. I read posts some posts online, and people are lamenting the changes in their life. Focusing on not what they can have, but they can’t. (Clue, you can have anything you want. You just have to make adjustments to fit it into your day.)

I know, about three years ago, that is precisely my point of view. I was waging war on my body. I had to walk 10,000 steps. I actually completed a half-marathon, and it almost killed me. I ate the same thing nearly every day– an egg frittata for breakfast, a chicken thigh with veggies for lunch and dinner. I lost 55 pounds.

I was praised by friends and people I knew about being dedicated and looking good. And considering I need external validation, it fed that need too.

But I wasn’t having fun. I had a siege mentality. It was extreme and unsustainable, and I wrecked my body. It took me years to get my body and head back where I could face making long-term and sustainable changes.

Fast forward to February 29, 2020, I knew it was a matter of time when the pandemic would shut down the state. I was also starting to work from home, which I dislike for many reasons. But I knew I needed to do something. So, I joined Noom. But, it isn’t Noom that makes this time around fun.

What makes it fun is that I do what makes me happy. I love to walk. I don’t have to walk 10,000 steps; my average is around 5,000 steps. I get my cardio. I am outside getting my Vitamin D. If I hurt, I rest myself.

I am exploring simple ways to tone my upper body and abdomen. No classes, no videos. I have a friend who is an exercise goddess. She teaches dance and pilates classes. She shows me simple things to do that don’t hurt me but help. I incorporate what works. I see changes, and it makes me happy.

I am exploring, modifying, and inventing new recipes. I am trying exotic foods. Whoever had Romanesco? I haven’t. So, I have some coming next week to taste and try.

I am planning a container garden on my back patio. Hopefully, I will have fresh vegetables and herbs. I read about what I can grow in Vegas. Fingers crossed, I hope to be able to plant some fall veggies.

I am 15 weeks in and down 37 pounds. I am learning to care for me. And most of all, I am having fun!

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