Just a Saturday….

Sometimes days don’t go as planned–and that is okay.

I was up at 5 am this morning (thank you, Hazel). I walked a mile. Three days in a row! YAY! I am feeling more confident, and am willing to try a longer walk on Monday, I think. I had my usual breakfast of berries, low-carb yogurt, 7-grain whole wheat bread with goat cheese, and coffee.

I figured out food for the week and went to the store. I have several new recipes I am going to try–Chicken and Figs, Tumeric Chicken (again), and Spiced Lamb with Spaghetti Squash. So, check the recipe page later this week. If they are turn out yummy, they will be there.

I put everything away, and then I went to drop off some tortillas to a friend. I talked to a different friend. Then, I separated out food. I have some ground turkey and pork chops that needed to be individual servings.

I started the laundry. I bought several new sets of PJs because now that I work from home, I wear a lot of PJs. I was going to walk into my office and do some work; however, it is after 3 pm, and I just don’t wanna.

Tomorrow is an exciting day. I will get to play the Fig Fairy! Where are my tutu and wings?

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