NSVs…Oh yeah! These suckers are real!

Non-Scale Victories…They are real, and sometimes more significant than the scale. Every time I turn around, “Hello!” another NSV, and I am excited.

First, when the shutdown started, I bought five nice t-shirts. (Lane Bryant had a clearance of $10 each.) The shirts are nothing special, but okay to wear when I have a video meeting. All of the shirts are too big. Luckily people on video really can’t tell, and I have several shirts I finally can wear!

Second, my ring. Several years ago, I bought a .25 carat pink sapphire. A designer friend set the stone in a beautiful tension setting. I have not been able to wear my ring for over 10 years. I can wear it now! I do have to take it off at night because my finger swell. But, during the day, I wear my ring.

Ring with Hazel scratches…So Avant Garde

Third and the most important, my blood glucose is getting under control. Yesterday, two hours after lunch, my glucose level was 113. Normal is under 140. This morning, my fasting glucose level was 122–pre-diabetes range. Normal is 99, and pre-diabetes is 100-125.

I also have to say…my scale victories are still happening. I am looking forward to my photo Friday morning.

Be kind…to everyone. We need kindness, justice, and peace in our communities. And to yourself.

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