Stepping Out

After a week of rest, I decided to take a walk. For those who don’t know, I injured my hip. It feels like I pulled a ligament. It hurt when I stepped. So, listening to my body, I rested. I also started using a pillow to support my leg when I sleep. So, today was the big test. I went for an itty-bitty walk today–half a mile. The hip was unamused.

Well, as I was walking around the block, I walked past the community pool. THE POOL! I am going to research water exercises and also chair exercises. I am going to try a routine that is non-impact and doesn’t strain my hip.

I need to have an exercise routine. Any movement helps to burn calories. I have plateaued on the weight loss–no change since Thursday. But, I am okay with this. Considering all that is going on in my community, and with me, I am maintaining. And this is great! I think if it weren’t for the many layers of accountability, I have built into my life, I would be off the rails. I am also glad for the crazy pills.

For those who don’t know me or are unfortunate to be friends with me on FB, I am not oblivious to what is happening in our country. When I started this project, I decided that this blog would not be about current events. It is effortless for me to deflect from myself, so this blog and website are forcing me to spend some time every day and focus on me…and Hazel. And she is currently stalking something on the floor. Excuse me, it is time for LLC’s pest control. Now, Hazel is mad at me because I took away her plaything.

Be kind to the people in your world…especially to you.

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