Three Months of Eating “Clean”

In March 2020, right before Nevada shut down due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I decided I would get my health on track. What exactly did I mean by that? I needed to find ways to move my body for cardio and toning. I also needed to change how I eat. I admit that I ate a lot of fast food and delivery. So, there were too many unhealthy things going into my body. I decided that since I was going to quarantine at home, I would make drastic changes in my life. I started walking (although I am healing from a hip injury right now), and I decided I was going to cook at home.

This meant prepping and doing a lot by scratch. Food would be portioned into individual sizes. I would explore new ways to cook things. Most of all, I would eat as little processed food as possible. I gave the unopened food to the community food bank. I am eating what was opened previously because I refuse to waste food and money. It is interspersed with my better-for-me food. Now, I am eating well–not only good-for-me food but also delicious food. While the food may cost more, I am eating far less. By reducing my food intake and cutting out delivery fees, I am saving a lot of money.

What is most surprising is what has happened to my body since making this change. The most notable is that the swelling in my joints has reduced. It is still there, especially in my ankles, but it is remarkably reduced. The swelling causes all-over body pain, mobility issues, and it is also exhausting. I have days when I swell, and it reminds me that I still have several chronic illnesses. Also, it reminds me of how I used to feel every day.

My digestive system is still all f’ed up. But it is getting better. I use a fiber supplement. I am finishing what I have and then researching more natural options that help cholesterol and colon health. (The doctor found a polyp during my colonoscopy. So, daily fiber therapy.)

I have more energy. Yes! It still takes me a while to do things, but I have the motivation. Since making the changes, I have cleaned out my closet, my dresser, and the pantry. I am eyeing the linen closet next.

I also started looking at other ways I can be “clean.” I am using soaps, shampoos, and detergents that are SLS and phosphate-free. I am looking for inexpensive options for these kinds of items. If you have sources, I am all ears…errr….eyes!

I recycle more. I started using surplus and “waste” food. I subscribe to a box where I purchase most of my food. It is all “ugly” food with cosmetic flaws–too big, too small, blemishes, or surplus. This has reduced my trips to the store and the exposure to the virus.

And while the world is burning around me (it truly is today), I am handling the horrors of the daily headlines better. Yes, I think my mental health is better.

Be kind and listen–especially to those oppressed and unheard…and yourself.

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