Me & Noom & New Toys!!

So yes, I joined Noom to support me as I am losing weight. It is food logging, exercise logging, and some daily information spoon-fed to you. The program is flexible. How well it works is up to you. If you follow the food analysis breakdown, you will lose weight and have a pretty well-balanced diet. If you walk and move, you will lose weight. There is a group where you can get feedback and support. There is also a one-on-one coach who checks-in at least weekly.

Could I do this on my own? I did lose 50 pounds once before. I used My Fitness Pal, which is free. You can build a community of sorts. But overall, you are on your own. At some point, I drifted away from logging. I gained 60 pounds back. I started weight loss efforts for several years with no avail. So, my answer is no. I don’t think I could.

Part of staying on track is variety. Variety is the spice of life–so is curry, BTW. I finally got a cooking blender. Last night, I made the most divine cauliflower soup with just chicken broth, cauliflower, onion, and garlic. Thick, rich, and satisfying. Oh, yeah…and 50 calories per cup. It is what’s for lunch! I can’t wait to make more soups. And homemade peanut butter. And jam.

Today is a day off. So, I am going to do some hobbiting.

Be kind…especially to yourself.

My new Pampered Chef cooking blender.

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