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Getting Prepped

Let’s face it. The world is not built for singles. In fact, everywhere we look, we are told that we don’t fit. Commercials show singles seeking for a partner. Don’t start me on the Rom-Com thing. They screwed with the Hobbit to have a love interest. Seriously!? (Yes, I am still bitter about that travesty.)

Singles aren’t too welcome in the grocery store, except in the frozen food aisle and produce aisle. Chicken breasts come in packages of four, and thighs eight. (I like thighs because they are about one serving.) Steaks are huge. Ground meat comes in pounds. Don’t start me about the massive loaves of bread.

Cooking as a single person takes a lot of prep and freezing. Okay, it may just be me, but it works and keeps the food waste down. Less food waste = less wasted money. And we all need to be saving more money.

I really recommend a food vacuum sealer. (Most likely, you can find one at a thrift.) If you don’t have one, zipper baggies and plastic wrap work great.

I also subscribe to a food box, Imperfect Foods. (I am not paid to plug them.) It is discounted produce that may be cosmetically blemished or surplus at a discounted price. So, once a week, I shop online for fruit, veggies, some meat, and bread.

Here is how I prep when I get home from the grocery store, or when I get my box.
I break down the meat into single servings–ground meat into .25 lbs, chicken thighs by themselves, and steak are cut down to 5 oz portions. I vacuum seal them and store them or wrap in plastic wrap put them into a baggie. This makes cooking and portion control so much easier. So, when I want a lamb burger, I take out a packet, thaw, and cook. It also makes it easier to buy what I need.

I do buy some bulk things like when Smith’s has 10 lbs of pork sirloin for 10 bucks. I separate it and cook large meals (Chili Colorado or Verde, pork roast, etc.) and freeze the leftovers. Word of warning…never freeze potatoes. Once defrosted, they are nasty.

I also freeze fruit, bulk cheese, tortillas, and bread. Defrosted bread is not my favorite, and frozen grapes are fantastic. Word of advice, don’t thaw cheese in the microwave.
I do spend the extra money and buy ultra-filtered milk. It has an extended expiration date, low in sugars, and lactose-free. I also buy ultra-filtered yogurt. I am a diabetic. So, I do work to reduce my sugar intake.

I think this is enough of a brain-dump for now.

4 thoughts on “Getting Prepped

  1. As for freezing bread… I can vouch for the paper towel trick: I open the loaf/bag and insert a paper towel. I re-close the bag and put it in the freezer.

    If it’s a “long” bag (like a standard loaf), I do my best to insert the towel lengthwise along the bottom/flat edge. The “single” use sized towels work well for this, or you can fold a “regular” sized towel in half. When it’s time for a new loaf, I pull it from the freezer the night before and place it on the counter top on the towel side; the next day, I remove the paper towel. The bread is always in much better condition than when I skip the paper towel. It’s worked for sandwich bread, bagels, & english muffins. I’ve not tried it with homemade bread, but I doubt it would work any different.

    I imagine this would also work if you wanted to use a smaller portion of paper towel in re-bagged, single-sized servings… if you don’t want to deal with a whole loaf/package at a time.

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  2. You can marinate meat in the freezer. Just toss in some olive oil, herbs, aromatics, and maybe a little bit of wine with the meat, then mush it around in the bag for a bit to distribute the marinade before you seal it. When you defrost and cook it, it will already be seasoned and ready to go. I tried this for a while and found it made the psychological hurdle that sometimes stands in the way of cooking easier to surmount, because some of the steps were already done. Also it was yummy!

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