I refuse to be ashamed.

When I started this blog, I posted a link on Facebook. On my homepage and in my first post, I wrote about my weight. Someone whom I adore replied that I was brave. Ever since I have thought about my being brave. The reality is I weigh 289 pounds. And, I refuse to be ashamed.

I know it is not a healthy weight. Because of my weight, I have several medical issues, including type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and joint problems. There are times I can’t stand for long. I look at pictures of myself and see a beach ball with feet, which isn’t an awesome self-image. These are the reasons why I am working on being healthier and losing 170 pounds. But, I refuse to be ashamed.

Society says that women are supposed to be perfect. Flawless. This is an unachievable standard. No-one is perfect, not even those in the advertisements. They use photoshop, filters, and posing tricks to hide the flaws. But, women are supposed to somehow meet this standard in real life. And, society says that I am to be embarrassed because I am fat and of my fatness. It is okay to ridicule you. To ignore you. To use you. And if you love someone fat, it is okay to mock you too. If you are fat, you are supposed to be silent about weight. Ashamed.

But I refuse to be ashamed.

Be kind–especially to yourself.

LLC & Hazel

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