Busy Day

Today was such a busy day for a supposed day off. I was up at 5:30 a.m. like always. I weighed in and I am down 30 pounds. I am thrilled. I walked my long walk (2.75 miles). Why am I up this early? Because I live in HELL. Next week, it will be 110 degrees. Waking early is the only way to walk in the summer.

I went to the store and bought food for the week and the Community Pantry as well. I took the donations to the Pantry and also some other items to a charity thrift. I mailed my primary ballot. I came home, work in the office for a couple of hours, and finished a project. I did a little theatre work. I got all my hair cut off, so now I am ready for HELL to break loose. The most important thing was I visited my parents. This is the first time I visited since the outbreak. I called daily, but I haven’t seen them. It was good.

I was going to cook so I could post a recipe with photos, but I am too tired. Tomorrow is a much less busy day, so I will be cooking spaghetti squash with homemade sausage and sauce. I will start a new page for recipes and cooking tips for single people.

Today’s menu:

The Usual Breakfast (TUB): Strawberries, blueberries, low-carb vanilla yogurt, flax seed, sprouted whole-wheat toast with goat cheese, and coffee with ultra-filtered low-fat milk.

Lunch: Chicken thigh marinated in boysenberry vinaigrette with squash and onions.

Dinner: Two chicken and green chili tamales with spinach and squash and shallots.

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