Why A Blog?

So, why a blog?

Since I started this leg of my journey, I have been posting on Facebook pictures of my food, photos every Friday chronicling my weigh loss, and discussing my journey. Partially to hold myself accountable and partially because I need external validation. So, as you can guess, there are several very long posts typed with my thumbs. Sadly, Facebook isn’t very conducive to finding posts or information. So, I thought, “Why not start a blog?”

So, here I am. Blogging. And I can post the blog onto my Facebook page. What to expect? Healthy recipes for one (harder than you think to find), tips and ideas for living as a single person in a world built for two or more, photos of me as I lose weight, and whatever else rattles out of my head. Oh, and a lot of Hazel because she is really the best part of my life.


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