LLC & Hazel

Let me introduce myself. I am Lisa. Yes. I am fat. I am not 50. I am 51. But Fat, 51, and Fabulous just didn’t have the right ring. But I am in my 50’s. And I am absolutely FABULOUS!

I am on a journey for better health. I am focusing on eating well and moving more. One of the happy side effects of better health is losing weight and reducing the risk of and the remission of certain diseases.

I am looking at the weight loss as a barometer of health, and not the focus. Getting to a healthy weight means a loss of 170 pounds. But every loss is a step closer. There is no timeline. There is no special occasion. I just doing what I need to do be healthier.

I invite you to drop by our little corner of the world and stay a while. What to expect when you are here? In theory, this is to chronicle my journey to better health, so photos in Progress!!, recipes, stories of my successes, failures, and life. Oh yeah! And Hazel, otherwise known as Hazelnut.